Injuries could keep Tiger Woods from PGA milestones PDF Print E-mail

Rehabilitating Woods could miss U.S. Open, say surgeonsInjuries could keep Tiger Woods from PGA milestones
by Gary D'Amato

No one doubts Tiger Woods' desire to break the two most important records in golf. He is tantalizingly close to Sam Snead's record of 82 PGA Tour victories, and Jack Nicklaus' total of 18 major championship titles is still within reach.

Woods has 79 victories and 14 majors and is just 38 years old.

But could it be possible that he's running out of time?

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Check out Dr. Parekh's new book! PDF Print E-mail

Check out Dr. Parekh's new book!Total Ankle Replacement: An Operative Manual, co-edited by Dr. Parekh, is available for order from Wolters Kulwer.

Total ankle replacement surgeries are often complex and difficult. Don’t leave it to trial and error. Learn from the experts: Total Ankle Replacement: An Operative Manual is the definitive how-to manual on the surgical techniques used in ankle arthroplasty. Edited by Drs. James DeOrio and Selene Parekh and written by masters in the field, this is an irreplaceable guide to providing your patients with improved, pain-free ankle function and mobility

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Dr. Parekh interviewed by WTAQ about Tiger Wood's rehabilitation PDF Print E-mail

Rehabilitating Woods could miss U.S. Open, say surgeonsRehabilitating Woods could miss U.S. Open, say surgeons
by Mark Lamport-Stokes

(Reuters) - Tiger Woods could be sidelined from competitive golf for at least three months after undergoing back surgery, casting doubt over his participation in the June 12-15 U.S. Open, say several leading sports surgeons.

The world number one, whose back pain surfaced last year and intensified this season, will miss the Masters next week for the first time in his career after being advised by his doctors on Monday to have a microdiscectomy in Park City, Utah.

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Dr. Parekh interviewed by the Daily Meal on foods to eat after surgery PDF Print E-mail

10 Foods That Will Help You Heal After Surgery10 Foods That Will Help You Heal After Surgery
by Emily Jacobs

Foods fuel our bodies and help us to function at our best. There are plenty of nutritious foods and superfoods that we should incorporate into our daily diets, but some foods have specific nutrients and vitamins that help our bodies to heal, particularly after surgery. These foods help our bodies to recuperate after daily functions and give our bodies the right nutrients to help us heal and get back to our fully functional selves.

We spoke with Dr. Selene Parekh, MD, MBA, and he helped us compile a list of the most healing foods. Parekh tells us that “Surgery places a lot of demands on your body. After surgery, your body must heal in order for you to return to your normal life. Your diet is essential in recovering after surgery. These foods can help you maintain a balanced, healthy diet optimized for recovery after surgery.”

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Dr. Parekh interviewed by HealthCareBusiness News on Google Glass PDF Print E-mail

From Google Glass to robotic updates, the OR of the future is hereFrom Google Glass to robotic updates, the OR of the future is here
by Lauren Dubinsky

The future is here–all you have to do is look inside a U.S. operating room. Robots can now mimic the hand movements of surgeons, glasses can project CT scans, and hybrid imaging systems can move robotically.

Dr. Selene Parekh, a surgeon at the North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, sent a proposal to Google about nine months ago discussing his interest in the technology and his plans for maximizing its potential. "When Google Glass was announced and was on limited availability I thought it would be a great way to potentially see exactly what I'm seeing in the OR and be able to archive surgeries and use them for teaching and education later on," he says.

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Listen to Dr. Parekh discussing his experiences with Google Glass PDF Print E-mail

March 2, 2014 | ehealth radio network

Dr. Selene Parekh, Orthopedic Surgeon at Duke University joins eHealth Radio and the Orthopedic and Technology Channels to discuss the first broadcasted total ankle using google glass.

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Duke doctor uses Google Glass during surgery PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Selene Parekh using Google GlassFebruary 19, 2014
by Jason deBruyn
Staff Writer for Triangle Business Journal

Dr. Selene Parekh is a foot and ankle surgeon at Duke Medicine who spends time each year teaching doctors in India about best practices in foot and ankle surgery. With the help of Google Glass, he combined both into one.

Last month while in India, he helped perform foot and ankle surgery while wearing Google Glass, allowing the surgery to be broadcast live on the internet, one of the first surgeries worldwide to be done while Google Glass watched.

“When I learned of Google Glass, I thought there was an enormous potential to enhance patient care globally,” Parekh says. “With this technology, surgeon experts and thought leaders can be ‘brought’ into surgery to assist difficult or rare cases through every corner of the world. In addition, surgeons can provide viewers with a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the case and teach families, patients and physicians remotely. I think we are at the tip of the iceberg with learning how to adopt Google Glass in medicine. However, I am certain it will revolutionize medicine for everyone.”

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Too much sugar putting your life at risk? PDF Print E-mail

February 5, 2014 | The Willis Report (FOX Business)

Surgeon Dr. Selene Parekh on the health risks of consuming too much sugar.

Could Google Glass Save Your Life? PDF Print E-mail

by Kate Heslop| 23 January 2014

Should we dismiss Google Glass as an expensive gimmick, or could it one day be the device that helps to save your life, with a potential future in the medical industry and emergency services?

...In January at a three-day medical conference in India, a US-based doctor, Dr Selene G. Parekh, performed foot and ankle surgery using Google Glass.

...CBR spoke to Dr Selene G. Parekh about the surgery he performed, and whether Google Glass helped or hindered his job. Parekh said that it was an exciting opportunity to use Google Glass during the operation: "Surgery went great. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement about the use of the glass."

"In the future, I can see the glass seamlessly pulling up x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, anatomy pictures and the like, to enhance and improve surgeries. It could also measure what we see and bring in surgical consultations from around the globe. The potential is enormous. It will serve as a great educational tool."

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